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Distillery Tour Tickets

The perfect opportunity to see behind the scenes at our Distillery on a fully guided tour!

Having booked a whiskey tour online or in person at the distillery reception you will then be met and guided with your fellow visitors by one of our professionally trained tour guides. The tour will take you on a fun, informative and hands-on journey starting in our beautiful Ingredients Room, then to our impressive Mash House, Still House, Spectrum Room and finally finishing in one of our bespoke tasting areas where you get a chance to sample some of our wonderful whiskeys.

Throughout the tour your guide will not only let you see behind the scenes but help you appreciate the skills and craftsmanship required to make world-class Irish whiskey and of course answer any questions you wish to ask. There are a range of tour types to choose from and each tour, including the final tasting, should take approximately 1 hour.

Distillery Tour Hinch Distillery

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