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Golf shirts must have collars, with either long or short sleeves. Rugby/football shirts are prohibited, as are any shirts carrying slogans, numbers or illustrations on apparel that are not golf-related. Collarless shirts, such as t-shirts of any variety, are not allowed. Long Trousers must be tailored and appropriate for golf. All types or colour of denim, military-style or camouflage-style trousers, combat trousers (multiple pockets), cut-offs or tracksuits are strictly prohibited.


Tailored Bermuda shorts are permitted on the Links and can be worn with white or coloured knee-length or short socks. Short shorts, training shorts and athletic shorts are not permitted. Shorts are not permitted in the Clubhouse, but are permitted in the Locker Rooms, Club Shop and Balcony. To gain entrance to balcony, golfers are asked to use external staircase. Toilet facilities are available in locker rooms.


Shoes designed for the purpose of playing golf only, are permitted. Hard and soft spikes are both permitted on the Links. Golfers are not permitted to wear training shoes on the Links. Training shoes are not permitted in the Clubhouse, except Junior Boys/Girls under 18 years of age. Golf shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse, except in the Dining Room and Babington Room.

Sandals, of any type, are not permitted on the Links. Any sandals/shoes worn in the Clubhouse, must be worn with socks (this applies to gentlemen only).


Collarless shirts/tops must have sleeves and sleeveless shirts/tops must have collars and must have a modest neckline. Halter-neck tops are not permitted. Trousers, tailored Bermuda shorts, golf skirts/culottes are permitted.


Caps are not permitted to be worn in the Clubhouse by either ladies or gentlemen.

  • These rules apply to all golfers, as well as caddies and visitors accompanying golfers. Persons not properly dressed will be denied access to the Clubhouse.

  • The Dress Code will be strictly enforced at all times.

  • All Golf Club staff are fully authorised to require any golfer, whose dress does not comply with the dress code, to leave the course.

  • Please avoid embarrassing situations, as members of staff are not permitted to allow any exceptions to this Rule.

  • Golfers and visitors who are uncooperative or abusive to staff will be asked to leave the Golf Club.

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