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Winner: Libby Mailey 40 Pts

Section A: Winner: Marie Agnew 38

“Runner-Up: Judith Herbison 35 “ (BSN Deirdre Place)

Section B: Winner: Margaret McKee 34 “

Runner-Up: Kelly Bones 33 “

Section C: Winner: Bridget Killough 36 “

Runner-Up: Nesta Blair 34 “ (BSN Jane Logan)

Best Gross: Naomi Gordon Foster 81

Front Nine: Christine McIlroy 20 Pts

Back Nine: Bobbi-Jo Kennedy 18 “

Putting (S. Cloughley Cup): Christine McIlroy 30

Past Lady Captain’s: Carolyn Graham 34 Pts

Ladies’ Committee: Catherine O’Donnell 33 “

9-Hole Competition: Elish McNeill 16 “

Lady Guest: Liz Deacon

Gent Guest: Alistair Campbell

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